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Simple smart
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Leak detection >> Electrovalve closed
Hailstorm >> External blinds closed
High air humidity >> AC is turned on

Our Products are making special moments

Fire nipped in the bud

Being concerned about burns and fire we’re very careful while doing domestic activities e.g. ironing, especially with kids around. During the daily hustle and bustle there’s a lot going on. It’s enough to take your eyes off the stove talking on the phone vigorously or leave the iron on because someone’s at the door and … Smoke Sensor detecting smoke immediately sends you the notification about the danger and RGBW Controller will change the color fo the light into red, so you can call the fire brigade when it’s still not too late.

Protection against invisible danger

What we fear the most, it’s what we can’t see, because we’re vulnerable when facing invisible danger. The technology gives us tools that not only recognize a threat, but also react to it. CO Sensor recognizing carbon monoxide notifies you about its dangerous concentration in the air and simultaneously opens windows and switches the ventilation on. You have everything under control!

Clean air at home

Sometimes we don’t know anything about the air pollution in our surroundings. Our home becomes is affected by the outdoor conditions. If particulates sensor detects a high level of pollution, the information is passed to the smart home system which closes all opened windows and starts the air purifier. Now you can spend time at home without any worries.

Keep an eye on Little One

Small children need lots of sleep in perfect conditions. You can be sure that your kid sleeps tight even if moving gently, checking it via the camera view in your mobile app. Take care about air quality in your child’s bedroom monitor if it’s clear and healthy to switch on the air purifier and humidifier when needed.

Immediate failure detection

Inaccurately working electronic devices can cause a short circuit in the installation or even fire. Using a smart plug like Wall Plug you can remotely switch on and off any device, you can check how much energy it consumes, and you will be informed about abnormality in any device functioning. Thanks to the Wall Plug you can react instantly by switching the device off via mobile app.

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