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Simple smart
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Entering home >> Turning the music on
The Button >> Turning on the ‘Fun’ scene
Turning on the TV >> Dimming the lights

Our Products are making special moments

The falling asleep ritual

Daily routine is extremely important for children. A smart home will help make your child sleepy in no time. The light in the children’s room, living room or bathroom will dim and finally, the playlist with lullabies will start playing. Everything in a scheduled time. After a bath or a fairy tale, the Button will make the light slowly fade out. This is a night mode at its finest.

Zen scene

The world imposes on us a neck breaking pace of juggling everyday tasks, that is why we all need a couple of moments for ourselves. Home space seemingly isn’t the best place for meditation because many things distract us. On the other hand, when we switch on the appropriate light and music together with humidifier aromatizing the air it turns out that when you close your eyes, you can feel like in a peaceful oasis. Take a deep breath…

Romanticism on demand

Men know how much women like romantic evenings. Women don’t remember that men don’t really like to organize them. Dear men – impress her, simple as that. With one click or a voice command turn on the music, set up a fireplace and dim the light in the living room at the same time. Just bring the red wine and all is ready!

Fight the monster Scene

Monsters sometimes appear in the children’s room and make them so afraid that they can’t fall asleep even if it is a smar home. Place The Button on the bedside table next to your child. After he or her sees a monster, the smart home will fight the monsters with a soothing lighting under the bed or wardrobe or any other place where monsters usually sneak up. Motion Sensor will detect any suspicious moves of an intruder in the child’s room. This will make your child feel safe and effectively scare away all kind of monsters.

The Atmosphere to focus

Each of us knows this state. It happens when an important task awaits us and home comfort distracts us on every step. Make your task easy and use the voice command to turn on “Focus Mode” to create a perfect atmosphere to work or study. Music selection will then flow from the speakers to support concentration while the lighting will set colors that are best to concentrate.

Ambient garden

Food consumed in the open air tastes better and even better if consumed with friends. Combining these two circumstances plus atmospheric lighting and favorite music creates perfect garden party. Without losing the barbecue out of sight or sitting at the table you can open the sunshade to admire the stars, turn on your favorite playlist and garden lamps with one remote control. It’s time to make a toast for a nice evening.

House in the colors of weather

Weather is important for us, it determines our wellbeing, activity and plans. Your home can signal temperature outside with an appropriate color, when you wake up and react to weather conditions with rising the air temperature inside the house. Seeing the given color, you know what to wear or if having breakfast on the terrace is an option. Your kid knows immediately if playing outdoors is possible at the moment.


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