Managing gates and roller blinds with no effort

Simple smart
home recipes

Sunrises >> Open the blinds
After 30 minutes >> Close the gate
Downfall forecasted >> Close the windows and gates

Our Products are making special moments

The house that is ahead of the weather

The weather can be unpredictable, so when you are concerned with your daily stuff you will not notice when the situation outside the window changes dramatically. Using weather data FIBARO System will transmit the information to other devices and will notify you of unpleasant weather with the appropriate colour of light and will close windows and blinds right where you need it.

Close the roller shutters from your bed

Closing roller shutters is a simple activity, but let’s be honest, nobody likes to get up from the bed to have them closed or opened. Especially when we had just started our laisure and read out favourite book. Say a word and have the blinds closed in your bedroom or the entire house. One simple command and you can continue your evening relaxation.

Rapid reaction to the carbon monoxide

Fear of being poisoned with carbon monoxide often keeps us awake. The FIBARO smart home will make sure that you can sleep tight. When the carbon monoxide detector notices the dangerous gas, the blinds and windows will be opened to ventilate the room as soon as possible. Moreover, the smart home system will send you a notification of a high carbon monoxide concentration.

The office scene

People at a meeting rather want to have things done instead of setting up the room for the presentation and waist their time. Enter the room like a boss and close the blinds, dim the light and turn on the speaker with one simple gesture. Now just come to the point and give them all you’ve got!

Well protected fortres

Usually when heading for the holidays, we leave home in a rush. There are so many things to do, so no wonder the thought about the possibility of leaving your property unprotected can spoil our days off. Now, arming the alarm system when leaving home, you can simultaneously close all the blinds and gates with one click. You can hit the road now.

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